Welcome to DXZ Bearings....

DXZ Bearings is a very famous brand in rolling mills industries, DXZ is the registered brand of M.SONS INDUSTRIES an ISO 9001-2008 Certified Co. Registered in India , The Co. is doing Bearing business with cold and hot rolling mills for last 15 yrs in India and other countries.

The Co specialises in roll neck Bearings like ( Four Row Tapper Roller Bearings, Four Row Cylindrical ?Roller Bearings) our company produces very good quality Bearings for back up rolls , intermediate rolls, and work rolls with special steel and case hardening heat treatment

The company has its own R & D Centre with the team specialising in Manufacturing of Large Diameter Bearings with ID up to 1500mm and Non-Standard Bearing with the help of its well qualified technical team the company is able to design Bearings according to its customer’s requirements and is able to produce very high quality Rolling Mill Bearings.

DXZ Bearings are being supplied in some of the top Rolling Mills in India and abroad and have been recognised as a quality brand satisfying the customer’s requirements, and providing good quality support to its customers by developing Bearings of different types based on their requirements and with the help of its efficient techno Marketing team reaching out to customers not only in India but also across the Globe, taking innovative steps specially developing Four Row Tapper Roller Bearings, Four Row Cylindrical? Roller Bearings, the company has gained a very prominent place in Bearing Industry.